Jersey Shore’s newest skank looking like a wreck in a bikini

I don’t know if MTV is trying to turn their channel into a horror network or maybe they just saw so much success with fat Snooki that they decided to cast the body double for her stunt scenes, but this has to be some sort of a joke. You could fill that glass she’s holding with Patron, I could do it all in one shot, and I’d still have to say pass on this monster.

Jersey Shore the Porno—Jersey Shore XXX

That’s right. These morons have spawned a porno. I know bitchhog and a few others are fans of the show, so this will give you something to watch. Wopness, at least they nailed the Snooki part. She looks just as skanky.

Oh, and kinkyb!tch really wants to know if people would actually go over to Haiti and help out if given the opportunity. I was wondering how much it would pay, but if you want to humor her and answer the question seriously, go ahead.