Vintage Jwoww pics

Just playing about the “vintage” part, I think these pics were taken in 2008. She looks pretty trashy here, like she’s just about to walk the streets. I like how she thought ahead, with the pearl necklace and all.

JWoww to release a book

E-mail from Silent B0b: Apparently she’s coming out w/ a book now.

I’m beginning to think Silent B0b has a crush on JWoww. Here, I’ll give you a synopsis of the book even before it’s out:

Ch. 1. Get fake titties
Ch. 2. Act like a total skank, pick fights, talk like a sewer rat and watch a bunch of rubes fall into your trap.
Ch. 3. At this point in the post I’m beginning to wonder if writing it up like a smart ass was worth it. It’s not as if the unfortunate people who follow the site are going to get amnesia and not remember what happened here. It’s not as if I didn’t fall into that bunker. I’m a loser.

Jwoww has a tanning lotion now

E-mail from Silent Bob: Did you see that Jwoww just came out with her own signature black bronzer tanning lotion?!/JWoww

What?!!!! Bastards!!! What’s the point of subscribing to her newsletter if I don’t get this type of breaking news?!! Someone’s head is going to have to roll, that’s for sure.

JWoww actually looks pretty good

I’ve posted this sewage before, and I cared so much about her that I spelled her name wrong. Even though I find her and the cast of clowns to be pathetic, I have to admit she doesn’t look like complete gutter trash in this pic. Plus this is Drew’s woman, being he was able to get within ten feet of her and the rest of the riff raff at one of the shitty Jersey clubs. With the elections going on I’m sure his head is close to exploding, so I figured I’d go ahead and add to his enchanted evening.