Goodbye Jaden and Kaden

I figured I’d post something saying a proper goodbye to Jaden and Kaden. It was fun giving you two ladies a hard time. I hope you two didn’t take any of it personally. I mean if you did, I’m not going to lose any sleep, but still, it was just in fun.

Jaden, sorry for insinuating you were awful in that one pic of yours (click here). Kaden, sorry for insinuating you are going to end up being a lesbian.

I wish the best of luck to you both and hope everything works out for you two. Yes, I’m feeling nice.

Otherwise Kaden I’d mention that in the second pic I think that thing you have around your neck is a better look than the helmet you should wear to protect what’s left of your brain.

And I’d probably tell Jaden it’s nice to see she found another job, and she’ll be doing plenty of scrubbing at the broken down trailer she’ll be living in while her husband is out cheating on her.

Also, I think it was cool you guys tried to drown Hollywood. Especially after what Kaden’s interview was like.

Anyway, you ladies take care.

Careful Kaden, you really don’t have that many brain cells to kill

Hi Mom an Dad, its mi Kadin. : ) I just m righting 2 let yu no im duing good. I liik it hear at the durty. Its neet. Im making frinds with all the uther peeple that wurk with mi.

Jadin is so nise, but I thenk shes kind of dum. Murlin is frutee, but hes sweet. Git it? lol. Coug is greight in an old ladie kind of way. Cholla is intelijent, but is just nastee. Tristin is nise 2, but hi criips mi out win he tuches mi. Turddle? Steal dont no what he dus. Dustee is so out of shaip, he cant evin get out of his chare, so I don’t sea him much.

That liddle midgit Nik? I dont liik him.

Did u no that Nik cancallid Jadin and mis show? I du not no why. That meeny guy I was tailing u about, SPURS FAN? He said its becauze Jadin and mi talked a lot, but didnet rilly say anytheng. Whatev.

Ive also bin goine to pardees and uther evints. I met Mini Mi and Powley Shoor. I fill liik a star! : )

Luv Ya,


SPURS FAN says: Nothing.

I feel like being a "nice guy"

“Do you have any better photos of Kaden?
I can’t get a read on what her body really looks like from any photos she ever takes.
Do you have a full body bikini photo?”

SPURS FAN says: So this photo is for you. It’s the best I can do (rhymed). Actually, I have another pic of her and Jaden in the pool doing the “kissy” thing again (this one isn’t hot either skanks. I mean ladies. That’s right. I’m supposed to be nice). Kaden, I like how the graffiti goes from one shoulder to the other. That “look” was cool for about 6 days. Seven to eight years ago. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

Oh yeah, I’m going to introduce “Dusty” shortly. It will be a warm welcome.


I always assumed when two women made out or at least tried to appear as if they were about to it was inevitable it would be sexy. Well, I was wrong.

Jaden kind of looks like a goldfish. As far as the graffiti on Kaden’s back? “LIKE”, how dumb is that tattoo?

Also, that elf needs to exit stage left.

Advice for a Simpleton

Kaden, I know you might be trying to hide from Lispy the Creeper, but don’t you know that if you cover your eyes with your hands, no one can see you? I promise that works.

Also, I think it would be a good idea if you just re-enrolled in kindergarten (you might not be the smartest kid in the class, but don’t let it get you down), and started the whole process over again.

Kaden’s turn


Warning (once again): This one is pretty vulgar for sure. I didn’t post this initially because I thought it might be too much. I happen to be a big fan of the Hispanic race. Especially the women. They tend to age better than white she-devils like Ugly Girl. Oops I did it again (like Britney, but without the cash). I mean Dirty Girl.

They tend to be better lays too. But not as good as black chicks of course. Or Asians. It’s Black women, then Asians, then Hispanics. In any order though, you’re good. All right, I’m done.

Anyone like cards? I see two Jokers and a Queen

E-mail: Look, Nik Richie thinks he’s a stud.

SPURS FAN says: Check out his face. Like he’s the “mack daddy” or something. Someone should tell him when his bitches are taller than he is he loses credibility, and should just step away from the pic. Look at Kaden trying to stretch her shoulders back to last week so her 34 B’s will look bigger.

Also, someone should have told Jaden to leave that blue napkin dress on the 80% off rack at Wal-Mart.

(|)Merlin(|) entertains the Bimbos

E-mail: What’s going on in this pic?

SPURS FAN says: Well, that’s pretty easy to see if you use your fucking brain. It’s apparent that (|)Pixie Queef(|) feels much more at ease around girls. Check out the outfit she is wearing. You can tell she just arrived on the scene. Now look at Dumbo’s reaction (put your shoes on dummy, you aren’t at the pool). Even with sunglasses on, you can tell she is not amused by the Queef’s attire. Bozo just looks confused. I mean, even more confused than she normally appears to be.

I do like (|Merlin’s(|) little blue ribbon, but she should leave the white pants, blue top, and white shoes in the closet. You know, where she is.

Kaden remembering her interview

E-mail (from myself): What is Kaden doing here?

SPURS FAN says: Well, it may appear that her and her friends are playing a game of Yahtzee. But I think what happened was her friends asked her how she got a job at So it’s obvious she is showing them what happened. Nik told her to close her eyes during the interview process and to stick out her hand (don’t know why he would do that, but just play along).

She felt something cold and small in her hands (she’s trying to give her friends a clearer and lifesize picture by using the dice). Now look at her face. Guarantee you that was her reaction when she opened her eyes. Because she didn’t vomit, she got the job.

I know, I’m good at this. But thanks for thinking that.