Why is Katy Perry popular?


Brooklyn sent this to me and at first I thought it was some type of April Fool’s joke she was pulling which didn’t make any sense being it’s November, doesn’t really matter what the reason behind her buffonery is, the point is Katy Perry sucks.

That first line she drops has to be the worst line in music history. For a jolly time fast forward to the 2:32-2:35 moment. Good stuff.

Katy Perry’s tits squeezed together

I almost feel bad that Sesame Street turned on Katy Perry after parents got mad about the amount of tit she was showing, even though kids view tits as a food source and not as something to stick their dicks between, because growing up with a face like Katy Perry’s her only real option in life, other than being an over-rated popstar because the public are fucking idiots and buy into anything that marketing tells them to, was to show her big tits.

You see her tits are squeezed together because that’s all she’s good for. Seriously, this twat has no other reason for being on TV, and the good thing is she probably knows that.