All is right in the world. Lady Gaga’s album tanks the second week out

Is Lady Gaga really “Born this Way”? After a spectacular first week of sales, with almost 1.2 million copies of her CD and downloads sold, the second week shows a big fall off. “Born this Way” sold only 169,387 copies last week. That’s a drop of 85% from the first week. It’s important to remember that 440,000 of those first week sales were only for 99 cents. So the fall off is really less, I guess. But if we stick the official numbers, “Born this Way” is in swift decline.

Someone should send this info to that pastor who predicted the end of times, and tell him Lady Gaga is done, that way he can calm down. And look at Gaga. So provocative of her. Was that just a “wardrobe malfunction?” Loopy twat.

Lady Gaga’s ass

Go into skip to the comments mode on this one. Once again these posts bring in hits. Here she is showing off her ass today, this was after she got her tit grabbed by some nutty fan. There Bitchhog, classy post.

Lady Gaga looking like an idiot as usual

Lady Gaga was smart because she targeted the group of people who were “different”, you know the fucking losers with no friends who had nothing to identify with. Remember that flaming Leave Britney Alone kid? Yeah, like that guy.  So they identify with and try to emulate a clown who dresses like it’s Halloween when it’s not even Halloween. I think she’s wearing her Marilyn Manson mask here. Anyway, I find the whole situation  funny. It sure as hell isn’t sexy, that’s for sure.  

Old Guy Dances to Lady Gaga

So CBT told some story about going to some country bumpkin joint and hooking up with some trailer skank and then he was acting like Arkansas is the mecca of fashion and trendsetting (in addition to be the only place that survives when the Apocalypse comes), so I can imagine when his delusions subside and he realizes he was dead wrong about Arkansas, this will be him in ten years when those in Hee Haw hear about Lady Gaga and start to play her music.

Megan Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church does Lady Gaga

Who’s Megan Phelps and what is the Westboro Baptist Church? (It’s the God Hates Fags people. Don’t worry Marvin, I don’t feel that way. I know that makes your day) Yes, they are that loving and understanding group who speak for God and help give religion a great name.

Anyway, this song is pretty funny. You know she put a ton of time listening to Poker Face to come up with these lyrics.

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