Kelli strikes back (UPDATED)

Hello spurs fan, big fan of the site. I wanted to let you know I was at Kinki Lounge last night. Leper was looking hot, she was wearing what looked like a nun outfit. Well, it seems like Leper wanted to get back at nik. She came in and played nice with everyone for about thirty minutes, then walked over to him and threw a drink right in his face.

Can’t tell you how funny I found it. Nik looked so surprised when this happened. Security came over and escorted Leper out of the club.

Thought you might enjoy this story.

SPURS FAN says: That’s hilarious. But why would she do such a thing? That little sawed off promoter has never done anything wrong to anyone. Also, where was SORRY when this happened? Did he hid under the couch that you see on the post below? Also, did Nik start crying? So many unanswered questions. I wanted to see if I received any answers, but I will go ahead and post it now anyway.

Message from Kelli: yep it was me! straight on his head lol. i acted cool so i could get right up to him and straight dumped the whole glass on him and then the bouncers grabbed me and threw me down and i flipped him off laughing and walked off.

SWEET. Great job. As for those who think what she went through was fake or made up, it wasn’t. So Kelli, good for you for pouring a drink on him.