Summer love

Still alive, old timer? Or have you succumb to one of the 87386846 diseases I now know about?

In case you want to rip me for old times sake…pic attached. Early summer Vegas trip.

I thought homos only need to worry about AIDS, why would Pixie care about any other diseases? In any case, it’s good she was able to find a man while she was in Vegas. Didn’t take her for a gal that would be into fat dudes, but hey, I guess a bitch has to pay the bills somehow.

P.S. Queef, would you please explain to Sack Murphy how if you work at thedirty, you should be able to take insults? I even told that pussy that I used to rip you worse than anyone, and how you were a good sport about it. Oh, and please remind him he killed thedirtyarmy site trying to play Mr. Internet Hero, as if he’s forgotten.

(|)Pixie Queef(|), M.D.

No no no no no. They aren’t filming a gay version of *Mash* (hey Queef, check it out, there’s your stars again!), (|)Pixie’s(|) actually in medical school. I thought all of that was just a big joke she was playing, but it’s true. I know I said that I was done busting up on her, but it’s like she just dares me to make a fool of her. She’s a feisty gal, and I have to say I somewhat respect her for that.

She’s FIERCE!!!

I ripped the title straight from a comment made by 20K-Millionaire on (|)Merlin’s(|) last post (see DG, that’s how you give credit when you rip someone off). I think this will be the last post of Merlin, so I won’t even bust these obviously homo pics up. If I did, I’d write something like, That arrow on the sign should point down and read ‘Faggots.’ Anyway when I first started this site it was all about ripping the roaches at thedirty and Pixie was the best at sending me pics. I’d e-mail her something that read, “Hey queer, I need some pics.” And she’d try to insult me and then write something like, “Need some ammo?”, and send me some pics to bust up, which was really nice. I don’t know what post I did that was the tipping point that finally got to her, but at this point she has no interest in exchanging e-mails. So with these fruity pics, let’s retire her. So best of luck to you (|)Pixie(|). Here’s hoping you get all the cock and cum your fancy little heart desires.

P.S. Hey CHEF, I think I labeled all of her posts. So now you can follow her story line.

The Bitch is Back

I found out (|)Pixie(|) is back working at thedirty on her break from nursing school (turning tricks), so I exchanged some e-mails with her and she just is as cocky and full of herself as ever. She seems to think that she’s some badass now or something.  I do have to say that even though with her gray hair she looks like she’s Tom Hanks at the end of Philadelphia when he was dying of AIDS, she seems content in this pic. Like she finally came out to her family, and now her little heart and clit are tickled pink. Anyway, welcome back bitch, have a good time this summer.

P.S. Faggot I know you are reading this, can you convince the Gaynadian to go ahead and come out of the closet too? He seems really confused. Thanks.

(|)Pixie Queef(|) is still around. And looking more gay than ever

Kalli (aka Nickel) said…
haha o geeze, I got so mad at him after that picture was taken… and yes I was born with a VERY flat ass… big boobs and flat ass, I’m like a little boy with no hips lol maybe that’s why the merls likes me 😉

July 30, 2009 2:10 AM

pucker said…

God gave me hips and a ass – but not so much boobs… I look like a half 12 year old boy and a half 18 year old girl..

August 2, 2009 1:57 AM

It was brought to my attention this morning that (|)Pixie Queef(|) was posted over at thedirty. I made this post back in August, but I never posted it. Now I’m glad I didn’t. I think it’s apparent why Pixie is attracted to Bankruptcy.

I was going to go with another pic for the queef, but nothing screams, “I’m Here, and I’m Queer!” quite like fake blonde hair and a lip ring. ON A “GUY.”

P.S. There you go “santa.”

Goodbye *Merlin*

Hey *Merlin*,

I understand today is your last full time day of duty there at Just wanted to wish you luck in medical school, and I wanted to thank you for being a good sport about me bashing you. Whatever it’s worth Merlin, I think you are straight. I didn’t really mean all that stuff about you looking like a Pixie Queef. Sorry for also saying that you weren’t really interested in Nickel and that whole deal was a way to throw all of us off the truth. I am well aware that you really weren’t born a woman and just chopped off your tits. I also know that you really don’t turn tricks on the Scottsdale streets for dirty old queens. Whatever it’s worth dude, I think you are straight. I am quite sure that you have had plenty of girlfriends. Though I know you’ll still be around thedirty occasionally, the fact you won’t be there full time means I will no longer bash you. It just wouldn’t feel right.

Best of Luck To You Friend,


P.S. Give me a break. I had my fingers crossed the whole time I was typing that load of crap above. It took awhile, needless to say. You are a fruity little (|)Pixie(|), and you don’t fool me at all. Your decision to become a full-time prostitute is a good one. So there you go.

How to make any picture appear gay. Starring Pixie.

I don’t know how one can manage to take a pic beside a Hummer with “bad ass” rims and tires and still appear gay, but Pixie somehow pulls it off.

Guarantee this guy could be in a pic taken at a press conference with a huge banner announcing that scientists have found the cure for cancer or appear in a pic with ten chicks licking each others cooches and getting rammed from behind by sheep, and the first thing you would think when seeing the pic would be, “Who’s the queer?”

P.S. Pixie, you are over the age of 12 and I don’t see you with a skateboard. Put some shoelaces on.

(|)Merlin(|) busy at work

E-mail: So what do you think IS (happy now commenter?) going on in this pic?

SPURS FAN says: She looks happy again. Good for her. Well, with her smile, I could easily go with (|)Pixie Queef(|) is setting up a date with one of her johns, and she can’t wait to get her hands on that $20.

But I think I will go light (like she is) on her today, and just say she more than likely is happy because she’s corresponding with a family member. They are probably writing about dresses and girly things. On that note, you know who might be on the other end of that conversation?

Her MOM.

You see? Her mom is happy and proud of her. Let’s be happy for them.

(|)Merlin(|) entertains the Bimbos

E-mail: What’s going on in this pic?

SPURS FAN says: Well, that’s pretty easy to see if you use your fucking brain. It’s apparent that (|)Pixie Queef(|) feels much more at ease around girls. Check out the outfit she is wearing. You can tell she just arrived on the scene. Now look at Dumbo’s reaction (put your shoes on dummy, you aren’t at the pool). Even with sunglasses on, you can tell she is not amused by the Queef’s attire. Bozo just looks confused. I mean, even more confused than she normally appears to be.

I do like (|Merlin’s(|) little blue ribbon, but she should leave the white pants, blue top, and white shoes in the closet. You know, where she is.


“E-mail”: Why do you think this lady is so gay? I mean happy?

SPURS FAN says: She sure does look content in life, doesn’t she? She hadn’t gotten her little heart broken by Nickel in Vegas yet, so she’s enjoying herself. She’s kind of run her course with the johns in Scottsdale, so she has new “leads” there in Vegas. She’s gleeful at the thought of her newfound loot. I don’t blame her for turning tricks anywhere she can though.

Word is she is saving money to go to medical school.

When she goes, I hope she succeeds, becomes a doctor, and is able to afford to have her breasts put back on. I mean, she could go the other way and finally get a cock and some balls, but she already has a puss, you know, being she was born a woman, so I think it would be easier for her to admit she has failed acting like a man, and just go back to being who she was meant to be.

Hey, no problem (|)Pixie Queef (|). I told you I was getting rid of your stars. I hope you know what my new symbols for you mean.