Greyhounds can be funny

Hey Hollywood,

My dog felt kind of bad last night about mocking you, and earlier in the day she asked me if I could take that post down where she laughed at you being that she is smarter than you and it’s really not much of a battle. I said, “Is that a joke dog? That’s not the way it works. I am not taking that post down.” (you know, I said that like I actually had some power. Like a certain someone).

Anyway, I take her outside and she’s being real pissy with me. You know, not even looking at me and running around and then as she’s hauling ass towards me (Greyhounds are SUPER fast up close and have sick muscles) she dodges me at the last nano- second (she really does this. I think to screw with me).

So I have enough and finally ask her, “Hey just curious. How much would you pay to have Nik Richie or any of his merrymen come to a party? Or appear at a club you own?”

She turns her head (not in spite. I could tell she was really thinking about it).