A hell of a mess

Where do I begin? Check out Nik’s brother. Doesn’t he look like he should be up in a mountain somewhere, plotting attacks and herding (fucking) goats? Sloppy. Maybe he caught AIDS from Pam (sorry Pam, couldn’t help it). Look at Hollywood (Nik) “standing tall” on the couch. And Shayne’s a fashionista no doubt. Knowing Nik he bought that coat and told Shayne it was mink, when it’s really made of sewer rat. Speaking of Shayne, you ladies should take a look at this post. There’s your opportunity to taste the limelight.

I’ll give that Down Syndrome kid (what’s he staring at? Cartoons?) and Carrot Top Sack a pass.

Nik Richie Gets Married. To Shayne Lamas

From Toofab.com:

Last night, Lorenzo’s daughter tied the knot with Nik Richie from TheDirty.com at the infamous Little White Wedding Chapel — the same spot where Britney had her quickly-annulled wedding to Jason Alexander back in 2004.

Right after taking the plunge, we’re told the two “honeymooned” at Vanity nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel.

If they get divorced, who gets to keep the LiveJasmin.com pop-up porn ad from thedirty? That’s like a mountain of gold. I hope he has a prenup.

And I wonder what his ex thinks? To see more of Nik Richie, click here.

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