Nik Richie, cover boy

Agent Orange:

Is that supposed to be Nik and Shayne on the cover?

Nah, that’s not Shayne. You ever see those cartoons that has the evil guy on one shoulder, and the good guy on the other shoulder, whispering into the character’s ear? That’s what Hollywood looks like, a little blond fruity Persian cartoon devil that you could rest on someone’s shoulder.

The Beautiful People

Damn, Nik’s brother is at it again. You could do a marathon of posts for that clown. Check him out, it’s like he finally got the Richie-Lamas (GGGGGAAAAYYYY) memo to start acting white. He’s taken his terrorist act to cracker land, now he wants to be the Unabomber. I think Al-Jazeera should make like a propaganda/kids cartoon based on Cameron. It could be called, “Terrorist Gonzo” or something like that.

And Shayne is looking just terrific.

A hell of a mess

Where do I begin? Check out Nik’s brother. Doesn’t he look like he should be up in a mountain somewhere, plotting attacks and herding (fucking) goats? Sloppy. Maybe he caught AIDS from Pam (sorry Pam, couldn’t help it). Look at Hollywood (Nik) “standing tall” on the couch. And Shayne’s a fashionista no doubt. Knowing Nik he bought that coat and told Shayne it was mink, when it’s really made of sewer rat. Speaking of Shayne, you ladies should take a look at this post. There’s your opportunity to taste the limelight.

I’ll give that Down Syndrome kid (what’s he staring at? Cartoons?) and Carrot Top Sack a pass.

Is Ari Golden still working at

Hey Spurs,

I thought you had stopped posting, until I remembered you moved the site.. damn feed changed on me. But I’m back!

Anyway.. We all know there’s been trouble in paradise for a while now. But, today I noticed a post from last night in The Dirty feed in Google Reader about Ari Golden (aka Frank Dimmagio, Jr.)! When I clicked through to the post it was gone, – a Google search for the URL shows it was there, but it looks like they’re not linking to the cache anymore.

Anyway, here’s a couple of screen shots of the post in Google Reader. This might also explain why Frank hasn’t been posting to his Twitter account in a while, besides a job ad today (is he looking for a new gig?).


What’s up Maynard, long time no see. Welcome back. Yeah, the feed changed because of the switch from Blogger. I know there’s a way to change it, but I couldn’t figure it out. Because I’m dumb.

As far as this tragic downfall of a partnership? I don’t know, I’d reach out to Hollywood (Nik), but I won’t even bother trying. I know he won’t get back to me. I think he might still be pissed about that whole “dirty army” deal. Like we somehow sabotaged the joint. As if that was the M.O. all along. Hurtful someone would think that.

Nik Richie and Hack Murphy are pussies

From Sack Murphy:

“So Spurs fan and his cohorts have been removed from out social network.

If you image was posted on his site go to this link and read it.

His website is hosted on wordpress hosting meaning his website is completely against their terms of service.

The link I sent you has an email in it which can be used for post removal and website take downs.

I need everyone to report him so that his hosting will be shut down. ”

Dear Sack Murphy:

You are without a doubt the biggest pussy in the history of the internet. Actually Nik would be the pussy, you’d be the clit. Do you realize where you work you sack of shit? It doesn’t concern me if you and your group of shitheads (who were probably laughing at the chick on Dr. Phil, how those losers don’t find the hypocrisy in that is beyond me) report me to wordpress. They can ban me too, I’ll take my act somewhere else faggot. It just shows how dumb you are because now I’ve had an opportunity to back everything up. Plus you won’t ever be able to delete everyone, so it’s too late. You need to stick to trying to get naked pics from chicks on there you big clit. All this has done is made it worse for everyone over there.

Do you not realize how big of a hypocrite that stupid move makes you all look? Way to get rid of entertainment, now it can be a big snooze fest over there. Well done.

Nik Richie does another interview

Dex made this and it’s great. It’s hard to top anything Bongo Bill did being how vulgar he was, but this gets close. The “Would You” questions are well done. As far as the videos Bongo Bill made? I’d link to them, but for some reason he put them on private awhile back, and he’s never answered my e-mail about it. If he does, I’ll link to them or post them again.

Thanks for converting this AZ Anonymous.


(I almost made this a video–this one would have been good no doubt–I just can’t do one this morning. Oh and what I wrote below is long, don’t read it)

I received an e-mail from Sack Murphy stating that I have a choice of taking down those posts of the people I put up and not doing so “in the future” and keeping my account, or having my account deleted (the heads up e-mail was cool, have to admit). So I’ve been sitting here contemplating for awhile what I should do. Nah, I’m just playing, it’s not even a decision.

Hollywood, thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your little startup over there, it drove a little bit of traffic here and in turn you got the greatest commenters over there from here (kind of a return of favor by me grabbing them from you in the first place) so it worked out all right.

This isn’t even a decision because in the very beginning all the posts were about Hymen and his pathetic roaches from his cesspool. So I’ll take the boot on this one, because taking down those posts would mean that it was a waste of time even starting the site, being the clowns I posted are his “fans”, so in my mind there’s every reason in the world to post them.

I mean, shit, if they don’t want their photos posted then they shouldn’t be taking them in the first place and placing them on a public forum (that’s the logic used right Hollywood?)

The hope is nobody will send in any of the Peace Corp’s shit pics. I mean fuck, now I’m not motivated or fired up at all to start ripping on anyone from over there. I’m dumb as shit, and don’t catch the hypocrisy behind the reasoning of the boot.

GAME ON PART TWO BITCHES (those who were “fans” (all 3 of them) of the site from the very beginning will remember the “Game on” line).

Nik Richie on the Dr. Phil show

I watched that Dr. Phil program that Hollywood was on. David Gingras and Shayne (she’s bright) were on the show too. As I was watching people talk, I couldn’t help but think, “Damn, I could have made that show a circus.” They should have done their homework on the guy if their plan was to bring him on the show to humiliate him, which at certain times Phil and the peanut gallery tried their best to do so, but they’re not All-Stars at that game (not that that’s a bad thing).