Nik Richie’s Ex Wife

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From: Aria***** Bli**
Date: Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 9:26 PM
Subject: would you?

hey nik, i saw this girl at a party and just wanted to see if you would?

SPURS FAN says: Well AB, you asked the wrong person that question. Because of course he would say yes. Then figure out how he ever pulled a chick like that in the first place without using some sort of magic or chicanery.

You should ask her that question about Nik. But I know the answer already:

“FUCK NO, and I don’t know why I ever did. Thanks. Leave me alone.”

Nik Richie’s Divorce


Just wanted to give you some information you may want to post regarding nik richie (aka. Hooman Karamian, aka Corbin Grimes). He is going though a divorce. (I took down the info because I received an e-mail from someone who knows the situation. It was quite interesting. You may think I’m weak for taking that part down, but I felt after reading the info, his ex didn’t deserve to be thrown under the bus).

We have been compiling some evidence about and nik richie which proves he consistantly lies and is probably hurting financially (hence all the club apperances, didnt he used to make fun of these people?).
Here is some of our evidence:
– We have sent in a few pics and he has posted captions such as “I have more just waiting legal approval”, when in reality we never sent in more. We have screen shots to proof, even when he took some of the posts down. We also have a few lawsuits we have obtained which he hasnt posted?
– We have some information regarding the recent layoffs. Do you notice a lot of the people aren’t there any more?
– We have been geting some intel as Nik would say that Ron Cadwell owner of CWIE at one time or another invested in Thedirty. His site is also hosted at CWIE.
– Him and his wife at one point or another owned land in Carlsbad, CA.- Looks like he didn’t respond to getting thedirty trademarked:
– All his stories about kobe never turned up? with proof of him cheating? Also the video on carie?

Lets not forget:

Nik’s site is failing due to him jumping the shark. He thinks he is big time and wants it so bad. Remember he used to make fun of frankie delgado (calls him frankie deltaco) and now he goes to clubs with him? (hint, see his twitter account and pics). The only time he gets any views is if he actually posts a celebrity yet that goes against what his site initially is, or claims to be yet he always posts celebrities. Most of all his “celebrity” posts have a lie attached to him with Nik claiming to “have more, just waiting on legal”.

Ps, since I’m sure Hooman won’t post this information regarding a dirty celeb going through a divorce. I have bcc’d a few people so they can post it on their site. If any of you need any more information please let me know.


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SPURS FAN says: Very interesting. Appreciate the e-mail. Thanks for the link to this site Pam.