Pamela Pucker has heart

Have you seen Pamela Pucker’s new Twitter icon? I think I might let her have her filthy way with me.. uNF


Nope, haven’t seen it because Twitter sucks. But I can’t lie, I have to say she looks pretty good here. I’m just wondering where the heart to cover her face is. That’s what’s missing. You put that in there, I give this pic a C+.

Pamela Pucker and her co-worker

This is the woman that Pam works with at her job supervising kids while they color books. I think that Pam might have had a little bit of a lesbo fling with redhead here. Pam looks a little shy. Like she’s not really sure if she’s ready to start wearing camo and flannel.

As far as fireface? She appears comfortable. But fireface has the look of a troublemaker.

And I think we should take the time to congratulate CBT on his engagement to his niece. I mean girlfriend. I think we should take up a fund and buy CBT a bullet proof vest when he goes and asks his brother for her hand in marriage. I mean her dad.

Pam’s Porn Trout Celebrates a Birthday

Hey spurs! Pamela here just wanted to say whats up homo. Anyways, nothing to relavent has been going on in my life, thats a pic of dwarf porn trouts birthday cake I cooked him he turned *7 years old. We had a mutual falling out within the past week, it turns out when your old your D*ck sill works.. and he wanted sex out of me, I put it off for a month an he finally got I would’t budge so I am staying 3-4 more weeks in FL to find a place to live else where then I am gone. Not Seattle – that is one thing certain. I have a audition with bang bros next week or whnever I drive to masterbate in studio, so that will be fun. I have also gottten all of my domains and hve a photograper working with me to get my site going. My youtube is gone because I violated terms of use. But I wanted to say for the record:

RQ grow some balls, keep your videos up please, it is one thing to puke from discust – but being pissed is another when I am needing to loose some weight and you youtube has been taken down..

– Pucker

SPURS FAN says: Moving on up, moving on up, to the Slut side, to the Slut side, where some dude’s finally going to get a piece of Pam’s pie (sing that to the tune of The Jeffersons. Thanks Maynard. I screwed that one up).

On film.

Bang Bros? Hey GHOST!!! You did it bud!!! Pam owes you one.

As far as the Porn Trout? What? He finally wants to get laid? Incredible.

Also, how did you violate youtube’s terms of use? I say we all stand up and give youtube a standing ovation.

One more thing. Check out the key chain. What a stand up guy that is.

Pamela Pucker’s Trout makes an appearance

Pam’s Porn Trout hard at work. Snapping skanks.

Time to upload some porn. Keep it classy Dwarf Trout.

It looks like Porn Trout is out with Pam finding something to stuff her body in when he chops her up into a million pieces. That would be like shopping for a gun to give to the scum (rhymed) who later car jacks you.