Pam responds

Hey spurs I would like to say Patrick aka Hack is a fucking liar along with JV and whom ever else is in on this master plan of a post to make me look like a bitch with no standards by having sexual relations on the phone with him. Well the really beautiful truth is yes in the past I did talk with Hack, while I was in a long distance relationship with Cameron who is in fact Niks younger brother. Hack began his rage of hate for me then, he one time spent 10 minutes on Cam’s phone telling me we could fuck but he would not tell Cam, I literally laughed and told him I liked his friend not him and I was not into gingers. I should have assumed him approaching me to join the site was a ploy for some kind of views posts what ever, I did have my skeptic side there for my twitter @’s were kept and this here is the only conversation I had with Hack, and its hilarious any one or any thing else would think other wise.

“and its hilarious any one or any thing else would think other wise.” I hear you. My tv and my pipe bought into it when they heard of this tragic occurrence. I straightened them both out though, don’t worry.`

I do like the ginger line you dropped on him. That was good.


The first 30 seconds start off great. Then it just nosedived. But I watched it all the way through because Pam’s a great sport, plus you never know what are you’re going to get. I know some people won’t watch it all the way through, so let me sum it all up:

48-1:01: Yep
1:02-03: Nope
1:04-:12: You’re my hero!!
1:13-53: ????
1:54-2:00: No, it won’t.
2:00-3:33: So make another video.
3:34-3:36: You’re the best Pam!
3:37-5:01: That was just beautiful and inspirational! It was like Joel Olsteen was chatting with us!
5:05-5:17: ??????
5:18: Happy Holidays to you as well
5:19-20: Let’s hope not

Pamela Pucker sends in an important message

Hey spurs face. I just wanted to write you hoping you would post this, knowing all of the DA site reads it now due to the fact you blew them up the other week and such. I really want to clear the air with the most unimportant news ever by saying I officially deleted my page. Nothing nude, nor did I have any nude photos to begin with. Hack disliked me because I was talking and banging his friend not him, so he told the staff I had a nude photo up – I did not. The second time it was the hosting site, and they thought I was spam. This time I really just said out loud from my ever lasting thoughts, ” why the fuck am I spending all of this time on here when I can go be unproductive some where else but have people treat me nicely? ” Anyways, that’s what it all boils down too. I was a apart of this gang and all but a few treated me with respect, it is almost a slap in the face to read stuff that is featured for the DA site saying you get one on one time with a dirty celeb when I was the only one who took time to talk to all people, yet people such as Hack would treat me like shit daily and delete me for no reason other than the lack of fellatio. So in other word, I deleted my account for a good ass reason.. If Nik wants to realize I should have a pedal stool to sit upon above others than yes I would return, but until then I choose to stay away from negative energy and people who thrive off of make believe worlds and love fests.

– Pamela

Does anyone know what a pedal stool is?

But I do agree being you actually interacted with people, Sack should have treated you better. It’s pretty apparent he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing. I mean, that’s one of my “everlasting thoughts.”

An interview with Pamela Pucker and Marvin

I ask Pam to make a video, her and her girlfriend do one on Nick Malibu as if anyone cares about that buffoon, so I figured I’d call and do an interview with her and Marvin. I didn’t have an opportunity to ask Pam about Cowboy Trout and his $1,000 offer of hillbilly cock, perhaps Pam will discuss that in the comments. And it seems Marvin’s pretty impressed with herself. I mean himself.

If any of her fans (perverts) come here and want to see more of Pam and her shenanigans, click here.

Pamela Pucker has heart

Have you seen Pamela Pucker’s new Twitter icon? I think I might let her have her filthy way with me.. uNF


Nope, haven’t seen it because Twitter sucks. But I can’t lie, I have to say she looks pretty good here. I’m just wondering where the heart to cover her face is. That’s what’s missing. You put that in there, I give this pic a C+.

Pamela Pucker and her co-worker

This is the woman that Pam works with at her job supervising kids while they color books. I think that Pam might have had a little bit of a lesbo fling with redhead here. Pam looks a little shy. Like she’s not really sure if she’s ready to start wearing camo and flannel.

As far as fireface? She appears comfortable. But fireface has the look of a troublemaker.

And I think we should take the time to congratulate CBT on his engagement to his niece. I mean girlfriend. I think we should take up a fund and buy CBT a bullet proof vest when he goes and asks his brother for her hand in marriage. I mean her dad.

Pam lets us know how she is doing

Hey spurs: Just checking in to let you and the rest of the few people on here who care know all is well. I am in Seattle with my mom visiting, before that I was at a friends in San Diego visiting and am now wondering how much my parking bill will be when I decide to fly back to the Orlando airport. I am not moving back to Seattle, but I can’t promise a much longer stay in Florida is in my cards – I have too much pride to live in a place where I feel like a leach, I am and never will be Anna Nicole Smith or continue to deal with tantrums. Other than dealing with hangovers and jet lag I have spent most of my time relaxing with marvin ( he is my best friend, and gay and amazing ). We did a bunch this week, and I think I found a boyfriend at a concert we went too (Dont worry he is in the band) . He is Justin Bobby’s twin and we have a great connection, would send a picture but my cameras up-loader isn’t with me. A big thing for me and Marvin happened, I wanted to prove to Marvin Nik Richie’s voicemail was real so I had him call on our way back one night, but Nik actually picked up. Oddly enough he was really nice, I know your site is all about bashing him and others but I am really just impartial too teams, and such, so it was nice to talk with him, he even knew who Marvin was and told him to take care of me, that was nice of him I thought. Can’t say too much else is happening, I got a Supina to show up to court next month here in Seattle as a Witness to a case that has been open since March, and I will be happy to see the outcome of the person who sent my life into a downward spiral and could be a main contender as to why I went the ways I did, I don’t care how much you hate me, beating some one half your size is never okay especially coming from a male. But a week before that I have a modeling gig in Phoenix, AZ, I will be there Oct. 14th – 16th, and am very excited for that work to come out =). Hope you are doing well, here are some photos of my past few weeks. Take Care Spurs and my few non frenamies.

SPURS FAN says: You already killed the Atlantic Ocean, now you are trying to kill the Pacific?, you aren’t old enough to drink, the guy behind you looks like a complete creeper tool, I imagine the trout is going stir crazy without some young snatch in the house, I hope you stay no more than a day (rhymed) in Florida, good for gay Marvin, what is a “supina”, any guy that that hits a woman deserves to die (rhymed), did you read that Phoenix?, Pam will be in your town, get the vaccines ready, and I’m doing great, thanks for asking.