Queen Bee and SPURS FAN, sitting in a tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G? Nope, the bitch married Goatee


Rhymed!!! Boom! In any case, this didn’t work out too well. Goatee apparently got jealous I was there. I have to say, this was worse than when Bitchhog’s boyfriend Marvin the Martian (seriously, he looks like Marvin the Martian) went all run-on sentence on me.

Years ago, QB and Goatee broke up (no way) at some point, and she invited me to go out to Houston to visit her. Don’t remember the exact lingo used in the text/invite, but it was something along the lines of, “SPURS FAN, SPURS FAN! My pussy is hungry, and the only thing that is going to satisfy it is your cock!! Come feed it! LOL!! XOXOXXOXO. 🙂 :)”

Sadly, I wasn’t able to make it, but it’s fun to play what-ifs.

Welcome back, really was a great experience, thanks again for all the comments. Site is going to be up a week, should be a good run, think this will be an annual thing.

Queen Bee, birthday girl

Hey Spurs!

Heres a pic from a girls night I had last night for my bday w/ all my h.s. buddies! I ws trying to blur their faces to protect their privacy, but i couldnt get it to do it or crop them out? Anyways, thought you’d like the pic!

xoxo QB

Blurring the woman out who’s holding the dog would have been a great idea, Queen Bee. And let me guess, the blonde one on the right with the gray skarf was a cheerleader? Oh, and I hope that Goatee gave you a new camera for your birthday, this photo looks like it was shot in the 1860’s. In any case, Happy Birthday, Queen Bee!

Queen Bee, tv star

Queen Bee was worried about me posting this because she’s “wearing no makeup,” I think she looks good. It was nice to see her again. And it’s funny, in the AM she was beating up her boyfriend’s nads, and in the PM she’s out buying stuff for him. He’s a lucky guy (no sarcasm) to have her go out and buy him some warm clothes for work.

Queen Bee comes out firing. With blanks (just kidding QB, calm down)


Rocket Queen’s celebrity twin, Robert Arquette. Oops, I mean Alexis. Maybe this pic can serve as new spank material for some of you out there, particularly you Spurs. No need to thank me.

Oh, and Michelle (Bitchhog) thanks for recognizing my recycling efforts, I want to be remembered for it after I die from drowning in Lake Vapid. Happy Friday Queenie!

Pretty good Queen Bee. I appreciate you thinking of some spank material for me. And I like how you threw “Michelle” in there, like you mean business.

Queen Bee takes her act to the beach

Hi Spurs!!
Sorry these took forever! Had trouble with the uploader thingie lol We spent the week with Goatee’s mom (whom after 4 years of dating I’d never met her before) Let’s just say I was so glad to see her leave and the only reason I’m smiling in that pic with her, is because I was drunk off lemondrop shots! lol The others are with the kiddos in Galveston, had a fun day! (If you decide to post any of these, please none with the kids or if you can blurry their images for obvious reasons) And, finally the last few are pics of my new baby! She is a 4 month old Doxie named Duchess and she weighs only 4lbs! The vet said the most she’ll weigh is 7-8 lbs because she is a “mini” breed 🙂 Hope you like the pics, next time you visit Houston, text a friend or something! haha xoxo Amanda

Thanks for the pics QB. At first as I was scrolling through the pics, I was thinking, “Damn, that’s cool that QB dressed up her dog for a pic.” But then I realized after reading your too long (according to DG anything past a sentence is too hard to comprehend) e-mail, that’s Goatee’s mom! Lol! xoxoxo.

A post for Queen Bee

I don’t care about True Blood because I’ve never watched a full episode, but the show makes Queen Bee get all wet, so I’m just going to go ahead and post it for her (not that I really care about what she does or doesn’t like, I’m hoping she sends some more pics in sometime. So I’ll act like this post is just for her, like I’m a caring guy or something).

On a side note, Oz looks like the type of guy who would sweat when he eats. If you have never seen him, just picture a completely out of shape Italian who looks sloppy.

Queen Bee paints the town. And trys out her "kissy face" pose.

My friend and her husband rented out Lucky Strike Lanes last weekend in Houston…it was pretty neat, bowling, lane side service complete with drinks and appetizers..thought I’d send you a pic so you could make fun of my attempt to purse my mouth like a model in almost every pic lol Enjoy (these pics are when i decided i need to lose a few lbs! Gosh I was so disappointed in myself, all of my friends are gorgeous huh?)

I’d say you’re the best looking one out of the group Queen Bee. The other chick in white looks pretty good, but she looks like she’d be annoying. As in she would talk a lot without really saying anything, and then you’d just have to nod along as she speaks all while thinking about whether she’d put out soon. Anyway, I like your hair color and I don’t think you should lose any weight (other than the dead weight with the goatee. Lol!).

Vote for Elfie. Number 16, 1st gallery. Remember, you can vote for square tits once a day from a unique ip.

Queen Bee finally makes an appearance

Hey there,

I’m uploading some pics tonight, but I felt I would send you a few and maybe you’d be in the mood to post something random? LOL
I truly think I’m the original “knock off” version of Britney Spears, not my buddy DG..lol Well, whatever, just have fun with it!

Later gator,

Queen Bee

SPURS FAN says: Nice rhyme. I have to admit, this one was rough to write up. I was going to go with something like:

I held this picture up to the mirror and said, “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the cutest chick of them all?” And then the mirror said, “None of them fuckface, what are you doing to me?” But Queen Bee is so nice, I won’t do something like that, because that would be kind of mean.

So I’ll take the highroad and say that I like Queen Bee’s denim get up. I used to be a HUGE fan of denim.

Back in 1987.