Restraining order on Ryan Vieth

I dropped the ball on posting this restraining order before TMZ did, but in any case, I have my own sources, supposedly Ryan locked Daniella Kelley and her roommates in a room and threatened to burn down the house. It’s also believed that someone from that Real Housewives show featuring his skank mom were the ones who leaked it to TMZ in order to get some run for the series. The source also states that “the lowly Housewives show has really made him go nuts, now hes obsessively stalking girls and becoming an arsonist. They must not be paying them enough to go to these extremes just to get publicity.”

The source close to Ryan also reveals during this upcoming Real Housewives of Orange County season, Ryan will “reveal a secret.” Well, I’m here to destroy the show’s secret in advance, Ryan Vieth had a boob job. That’s right, he had titties and had to get them sucked out (no shit, can you believe that?) So even though I fucked up on the restraining order, there’s some breaking news for you.

Ryan Vieth is cool

have you seen the tattoo Ryan Vieth has?

Did Bitchhog’s boyfriend do that? That’s sad. And a 30 inch waist? He’s petite. If he ever goes to prison, the queens are going to enjoy him and that tramp stamp.

Update: Added in a license plate he has. Now he’s super cool. Thanks Pam.

Here’s a poem by Next Stop Glee:

I met this douche named Ryan Veith
My Balls made best friends with his teeth.

He moaned, he groaned, said he was famous
begged for me to ram his Anus

“My waist is 30, just like a girls”
“bang me hard, till my starfish curls”

“I’m on TV, me and my Mom”
“my parents cash, I live to glom”

“My tat is fresh, you think it’s gay?”
“I’m the head fag of the punk DA”

“I love this guy, they call him Hack”
“He likes Boys too, so I stroke his sack”

“yo, I’m the man, I talk real tough”
Some day I’ll pay, and try some muff

Muff has no balls, it’s just like me
I’m proud to say, I’m Gen. Dirty

Before you join to dig my jive
just cough up a monthly $9.95!

I’m gettin played, in a midget’s scam
I’m a no balls fag, that’s what I am!

Kate the showgirl

This girl sweats RYAN VIETH. She also tends to go into video chat late night dressed like a skank and acts like no one can see her. When someone finally gives her attention, the clothes start coming off. I’m not sure if she’s aware that people not actively participating in video chat can see her. Hello, Kate!

I’m going to overlook the sad part where she’s into Ryan and go to the part where she’s getting nude on cam. I mean, who does that? People who get naked on cam or are dumb enough to send out nude pics of themselves are just complete morons. What are they thinking? Oh, wait…………….

Ryan Vieth Daddy Mack

He’s about as hard ass as Kriss Kross, hence the title. Poor Ryan is upset about the site getting attention. That’s enough about Ryan though, compared to an ex-stripper spaz he’s an angel. May as well call him Terrance (I hear a bell ringing dude, time for you to get the fuck off the internet).

Now to the good (decent, which is par for the site) part of the post. As you can see the nut called me non-stop last night. It really is concerning to me at this point. I hope you all hold a candlelight vigil for me when I end up missing.

Update: I added in his “black card” pic. Thanks MT. Why is his name covered up?

I’m Ryan Vieth, and I’m cool

Hey everyone, my name is Ryan Vieth. What? You don’t me? How could you not? My mom was on Real Skanks of Who the Fuck Cares Where (doesn’t matter where you drop a skank, she’s going to be a skank) so that makes me famous! I like to suck Nik Richie’s cock and lick his ass as much as I can! I also like to take pics of myself with my shirt off flexing in the mirror, because that’s what cool guys do right!

Now if anyone has a problem with me, I’m just going to start flapping my huge ears and fly to wherever you live and kick the shit out of you. I might even bring my mom along to skankify your town! Watch out!

Ryan Viera out!

Well done Ryan, now I totally know who you are. Thanks for clearing it up.

Update: I asked Ryan why he closed the discussion (we’re friends now):

i closed it because it was a bunch of f****** b*******. People running there mouths like little kids talking about s*** that’s not true or made up. If people wanna run there mouth they can come down to San Diego for the DA meet. Everyone wants to be a p**** and hide behind the keyboard. I don’t talk s*** relentlessly about someone when i know jack s*** about them. Not my style and never has been. It was going no where and turning into a playground fight, more than half the people talking are ugly no bodies. I posted a true statement that you were talking s*** on DA people on your site. True statement wasn’t talking s***. People wanna go off topic and talk s*** to me then im going to shut down the thread. Being on tv you catch a lot of s*** from people and that’s why i don’t fight back or talk s*** because more people have no idea what goes on. but once it gets out of hand enough is enough, were are not kids.


And you people are a bunch of ugly nobodies! (or no bodies). But I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you all know the difference between their and there. All right, I’m done now.