Meet Sarah "Wolfie" Rodriguez. Making San Antonio Proud

Sorry to the Express News for snaking your pictures. Thanks for the pics anonymous. She looks better without a tail. And if Wolfie thinks she’s a canine, does that mean her girlfriend is into bestiality?

From MySanAntonio:

Wolfie Blackheart is not an ordinary 18-year-old.

She believes she is a wolf — technically, a werewolf — and so she wears a tail. She also wears a harness in case someone special wants to drag her around.

And last week, she used a pocketknife in her kitchen to decapitate a dog — already dead, according to Wolfie — that had been missing since Jan. 5.

“I severed the head, boiled the head,” Wolfie said. “People make the mistake of hacking the spine, which will fracture the skull.”

Before the teenager carted the cranium to the woods, someone held it up and snapped a photograph of it inside her Northwest Side house — a shot that ended up on the Internet.

No you aren’t Sarah. That’s in response to her saying in the article she’s a canine. I saw this story on a national website, I didn’t think anything of it. Well, I was bored and went back and decided to click on it, and sadly, she’s from San Antonio. Here’s a quote from her mom: “Wolfie would never harm an animal,” she said. “She likes road kill.”

That’s normal. If you look at the link to the story, it’s even nuttier. And you can look at some more pictures here.

A couple more thoughts: Someone needs to teach Wolfie how to make her bed and clean her room. And check out the 3 Wolves poster in the background. CBT’s head will explode when he sees this.

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