Shnicky D, DJ

Shnicky D: I’ve had this damn jingle pop in and out of my head for about a week or so now. I don’t know where it’s from. Sometimes I forget how it goes but then I’ll remember, which will make me happy because I find it extremely catchy (rhymed). Anyway, after hearing J-Lo’s single today (On the floor) I was reminded of the jingle, triggering me once and for all to find out what and where it was from. Well, after no such luck I eventually realized I was hearing an accordian over and over in my head, so I typed “2010 accordian song”, and bingo, couldn’t believe it; there it was. Attached is the link. And I know I will be chastised for no apparent reason other than the fact that I don’t mind music and american idol and whatnot, but it turns out the broad that sings the song, is in the video too, and is fuckin hawt! So here ya go, an accordian jingle that’s been stuck in my head and a hawt bitch…enjoy! I mean, come on, the above story alone is worth posting.

And p.s. the song has over 106,000,000 hits, so A) everybodies known about this song forever and I’m a huge ‘tard. Or B) everybodies known about this song forever and I’m a huge ‘tard.

Nah, after hearing a bit of this song, I’m pretty sure it’s: C) You’re gay. And what part of that second sentence rhymed? Oh, and I kind of like this video better.