Silent Bob tells a story

E-mail from Silent B0b:

Rebecca (Becky) Lynn
This girl & I were friends for a while until she started to get a little crazy and moved away. she test shot for PB off & on in her late 20’s, did an episode of Howard Stern back in the late 90’s & finally landed a role as a PB Cyber Girl last year I guess.
I included a few candids from a pimp & ho party we attended a few yrs back. I’m on the far left in the plaid mini skirt & black top in pic.

I really don’t care about Rebecca Lynn, just goes to show you the power of photoshop how that creature in the fishnets ended up looking decent. I’m more concerned about Silent B0b. I like how “B0b” sent this in right after Britney’s “business” was posted. It’s like she got jealous and wanted to advertise her body too and spun it with the whole “pimps and ho party” bullshit line. I’m surprised she didn’t include how many “kisses” it takes for an hour or two with her. Nice try Silent B0B, I’m onto your cunning scam.

Thanks for the e-mail though!