Restraining order on Ryan Vieth

I dropped the ball on posting this restraining order before TMZ did, but in any case, I have my own sources, supposedly Ryan locked Daniella Kelley and her roommates in a room and threatened to burn down the house. It’s also believed that someone from that Real Housewives show featuring his skank mom were the ones who leaked it to TMZ in order to get some run for the series. The source also states that “the lowly Housewives show has really made him go nuts, now hes obsessively stalking girls and becoming an arsonist. They must not be paying them enough to go to these extremes just to get publicity.”

The source close to Ryan also reveals during this upcoming Real Housewives of Orange County season, Ryan will “reveal a secret.” Well, I’m here to destroy the show’s secret in advance, Ryan Vieth had a boob job. That’s right, he had titties and had to get them sucked out (no shit, can you believe that?) So even though I fucked up on the restraining order, there’s some breaking news for you.