Getting our facts straight

Agent Orange:

I attached the pics of the people who were involved with the hook up. The Mist chick is Crystal’s friend from home.

We can thank Jessa for that tid bit of knowledge. Prob her biggest contribution to society to date:

Anonymous says:
February 15, 2011 at 9:21 am

You guys need to get your facts straight. Crys banged Junction and Drew banged Mist…

I remember someone who went by the name of MENSA member wrote a couple of weeks ago how stupid the site is. As if the stuff posted here would ever be considered brain dead or immature. Whatevs! In any case, for the sake of integrity, that Crys chick banged Encino Man above (you can’t tell me that guy wasn’t just unfrozen a couple of weeks ago) and Drew the magnet and trinket collector banged the brunette chick. Rest easy everyone, rest easy.

Love connection


Drama has started…

19 year old Ghetto Drew supposedly already slept with RN Crys so Daniel says. He and Nick Nasty Chatted about it today and then tried to cover it up. Kind of funny really.

Can’t wait to hear more on these idiots.

These people seem pretty uninteresting, however CH took the time to send this, so here it is. There are some things to add to this: That picture above kind of turns me on. Is that wrong? As far as that goob Drew? I like how he has pics and magnets on the side of his refrigerator. It’s like he ran out of room putting trinkets and that gay tassel (you graduated high school?! Sweet!) on the front. Haven’t seen that.

Jacare does a photo shoot


Yo Spurs, I was looking at the comments and someone mentioned about having pics of me and asked if people wanted to see them, so I am like, yo, if you want to see pictures all you have to do is ask, here are some pictures for everyone to make fun of. Have at.

I wouldn’t make fun of you Jacare, it’s cool you put yourself out there for the site. Plus you must be pretty tough to rob Superman of his gear. I thought black people only robbed people of their shoes. Now it’s onto clothes? See? I learned something today, and it’s only the first day of Black History Month. Awesome, can’t wait for the knowledge to pour in.

Tig ol’ Bitties

E-mail from Agent Orange:

Holy boobs. Look at a new DA member. I swear they are giving out free memberships. No reasonable person would pay $12 for that shit site.

Drew would. I wouldn’t, but I’d pay $20 to see those huge cans unleashed. She could then take the loot and buy some real shelves.

Hack forgets where he works

This guy is funny. He really needs to talk to (|)Pixie Queef(|) Merlin and learn how to take a joke and laugh at himself. I swear, I skewered Pixie more than anyone, and she would just send more more pics to bury. She was a twisted and sick little gal, but it’s apparent she had more sack than Hack (that works DH).

Thanks Pam.

Update: Here’s a poem by Sad Sack:

I met this ginger called Patty Bushe
who begs for Hard Rock in his tush

He Hacks the site called Dirty Army
His posts are gay, his pickups smarmy

They make fake stories, so fucking lame
soon the sense and laws will end their game

Freedom of Speech!!, the Persian rants
while he sticks his fingers down Hacks pants

Free speech is good, what we controls
the truth’s deleted cause we’re assholes

So he hires Hack, to puff up hits
But Hack’s more concerned with photo’ed tits

Hack acts so cool, but Nik’s his master
“Smoke out those Spurtans, what a disaster”

they came in here, to stir up shit
You banned Ip’s, but killed our hits

We brag about the bank we make
But just like Ari, all that shit’s fake

Times catching up with our sad scam
We failed when expoliting that poor sloot Pam

Soon we’ll be done, this jig is up
and Hack will beg from an old tin cup

“I just got me and Afrotoe!!”
I don’t pay rent, my mom said so.

I’m 23, but live at home
it makes it hard to smuggle bone

I’m a half fag geek, but fake it cool
but these DA whores know I’m a ginger tool

I can’t get laid, not by a snatch
Balls to the face is all I catch

I’ll end this rant, for now I’m done
Fakin’ Dirty sure ain’t been fun!!!

Pam responds

Hey spurs I would like to say Patrick aka Hack is a fucking liar along with JV and whom ever else is in on this master plan of a post to make me look like a bitch with no standards by having sexual relations on the phone with him. Well the really beautiful truth is yes in the past I did talk with Hack, while I was in a long distance relationship with Cameron who is in fact Niks younger brother. Hack began his rage of hate for me then, he one time spent 10 minutes on Cam’s phone telling me we could fuck but he would not tell Cam, I literally laughed and told him I liked his friend not him and I was not into gingers. I should have assumed him approaching me to join the site was a ploy for some kind of views posts what ever, I did have my skeptic side there for my twitter @’s were kept and this here is the only conversation I had with Hack, and its hilarious any one or any thing else would think other wise.

“and its hilarious any one or any thing else would think other wise.” I hear you. My tv and my pipe bought into it when they heard of this tragic occurrence. I straightened them both out though, don’t worry.`

I do like the ginger line you dropped on him. That was good.

Trampa the “porn star”

They are making Wookie porn now? Awesome. I really like how she drops the “real talk” bullshit line in there, and check out the mentioning of the Constitution in the 3rd pic in the gallery. Priceless.

Ryan Vieth is cool

have you seen the tattoo Ryan Vieth has?

Did Bitchhog’s boyfriend do that? That’s sad. And a 30 inch waist? He’s petite. If he ever goes to prison, the queens are going to enjoy him and that tramp stamp.

Update: Added in a license plate he has. Now he’s super cool. Thanks Pam.

Here’s a poem by Next Stop Glee:

I met this douche named Ryan Veith
My Balls made best friends with his teeth.

He moaned, he groaned, said he was famous
begged for me to ram his Anus

“My waist is 30, just like a girls”
“bang me hard, till my starfish curls”

“I’m on TV, me and my Mom”
“my parents cash, I live to glom”

“My tat is fresh, you think it’s gay?”
“I’m the head fag of the punk DA”

“I love this guy, they call him Hack”
“He likes Boys too, so I stroke his sack”

“yo, I’m the man, I talk real tough”
Some day I’ll pay, and try some muff

Muff has no balls, it’s just like me
I’m proud to say, I’m Gen. Dirty

Before you join to dig my jive
just cough up a monthly $9.95!

I’m gettin played, in a midget’s scam
I’m a no balls fag, that’s what I am!