Just wanted to thank everyone who came back and commented. Hope you will all come back next year. I know you will all miss each other, so let me just write what will be going on in each of your world’s:

Oz will continue to exercise and practice birth control, just playing, he’ll still hit up the buffets like an assassin and continue his path to his first bypass (thankfully covered by Obamacare), Anon will still be playing WOW in his basement and beating off to 4chan/HC, Skeets will continue to be barefoot, baking cakes in her ‘hood, DG (ME) will continue to travel her narcissistic ass all over the country and then post every adventure on FB like she’s some All-Star, QB will continue her path to divorce and adultery, B-minus will continue posting silly videos and “wisdom” on Lame Twitter, Chief and EV will continue being zombie libs, 2Dirty will continue to harass his agents, Jakare will continue to hate white people, Shnicky will continue his path to alcoholism, which means his pickup lines will gradually become worse (is that possible?), Drew will continue supporting his pathetic Jets, wearing his jersey during game days, DH will continue to be a hillbilly in Alabama, Bitch Lover will continue her relationship with an absolute moron, PB&J will, well, hell if I know, and me? Well, obviously I’ll still be rocking San Antonio and blessing the lucky people who are fortunate enough to hang out with me.

Until next year, bitches.

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1. Skeets’ Hallween costume (most popular post)
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3. Pam
4. Drew (Afternoon Delight is great)
5. Rocket Queen
6. Fun with Craigslist
7. Thedirtyarmy (I logged in over there last night to see if I could crack one of them one more time, just wasn’t the same)
8. Merlin
9. Nik Richie
10. Lollipop video
10A. The first post of the site

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Oz, the ghetto gold medal winner

Nice chain, slick. Was that some type of award for best filing or typing ability? And check out the background, people show up to a place dressed in a suit and tie, one of Oz’s baby’s momma traded enough food stamps to take him out to a fancy dinner (I guess Olive Garden was booked in Tucson), tells him to dress up, and he pulls a Mr. Rogers on the place.

Hey, if anyone recognizes that place, call the city and tell them if there were any burglaries of parking meters in that area on Sunday, you just need to know where to pick up your reward.


So, for those who I did not inform, I was “banned” from theDirtyArmy[dot].com. News to me that I “hacked the back-end,” or whatever. Why would I hack something that I was already a member of? See, the difference between the DA site and Facebook is that I don’t give two shits about fucking with the accounts of people I don’t know.

Hack Murphy, I would like to see how my IP was traced from your system. Was it my work IP or my home IP? Funny how my work IP isn’t blocked and I didn’t figure out I was banned until 9:30 pm EST on my home computer. Also, which browser was I using? That would explain a lot if you could guess correctly. You’re just spitting lame bullshit.

For anyone who believes that drivel, I have nothing else to say to you. Another thing, TOR is an excellent tool to hide your IP address.

See you later!


[edit: The lawyer who I spoke to has heard of thedirty[dot]com. This should be fun. I’ll give an update after I meet with him this afternoon. I have .pdf and .html text copies of the post, just to keep my bases covered. Call me crazy. Oh, wait…]

Ryan Dunn killed in car accident.


Ryan Dunn, star of the reality show “Jackass,” has died in a car accident in Pennsylvania, CBS Philly has learned.

Sources say the West Chester native was one of two people killed in a single car crash in Chester County early Monday morning. The double fatal crash happened at about 3 a.m. on Route 322 near New Street in West Goshen Township.

According to the police report released by West Goshen, the 2007 Porsche Dunn was driving crashed into a wooded area off the road and burst into flames. Both Dunn and his unidentified passenger died as a result of injuries they sustained in the crash. Police believe speed may have played a role in the accident.

Dunn is best known as a daredevil and sidekick of Bam Margera in the popular stunt and prank show “Jackass” which is filmed in the West Chester region.

Dunn recently appeared in the summer premiere of NBC’s hit game show “Minute To Win It” with one of his prankster partners Steve-O, playing for a charity. He is also a host on G4′s new show “Proving Ground,” which debuted June 14.

The West Chester native had just celebrated his birthday on June 11.

Ryan Dunn was 34.


goodnight, sweet prince.

edit: attached car pic and the last pic of him alive.