All great things……………

I’m not even sure I’d recommend watching these, but if you want to, don’t say you weren’t warned. Thanks again for a great 2 years, like I said, I believe two years is enough. Was able to interract with some cool people, and I really appreciate anyone who took the time to comment on the site.

Top 10 posts/categories

1. Skeets’ Hallween costume (most popular post)
2. CBT (that black CBT stuff is the best)
3. Pam
4. Drew (Afternoon Delight is great)
5. Rocket Queen
6. Fun with Craigslist
7. Thedirtyarmy (I logged in over there last night to see if I could crack one of them one more time, just wasn’t the same)
8. Merlin
9. Nik Richie
10. Lollipop video
10A. The first post of the site

No.1161-1164 (out of 1164 total posts). DG’s four posts.

If anyone has their favorite posts, feel free to share.

Six inches under. With Rocket Queen

RQ: this is me and snickers. and did i ever tell you my hamster, Carlos died? I was genuinely crushed for months. I kissed him and made a grave for him…yes i kissed a dead hamster. one time i gave a pigeon cpr and it like exploded. it was weird. i love animals and they just love me. pics attached of carlos.

Son of a bitch, Carlos died? I was wondering why the flags were hanging at half mast at all the post offices the other day. Certainly looks like a proper burial, was your toilet backed up? As much as you love animals, I would have thought you would have bought him a tomb or something.

And that dog looks like he’s just thrilled to be in your company, Giraffe. You’re like the dog whisperer.

Brooklyn does Britney

Those are some VIP seats. Did your nose start bleeding? B minus dressed like she thought she was going to a Cyndi Lauper or Madonna concert. And at first I thought that was a guy she’s with, not so sure now.

Oh, and it looks like Brooklyn is Britney’s #1 fan, not you kinkyb!tch. I didn’t get any pics of your big night at the concert.

Oz, the ghetto gold medal winner

Nice chain, slick. Was that some type of award for best filing or typing ability? And check out the background, people show up to a place dressed in a suit and tie, one of Oz’s baby’s momma traded enough food stamps to take him out to a fancy dinner (I guess Olive Garden was booked in Tucson), tells him to dress up, and he pulls a Mr. Rogers on the place.

Hey, if anyone recognizes that place, call the city and tell them if there were any burglaries of parking meters in that area on Sunday, you just need to know where to pick up your reward.


So, for those who I did not inform, I was “banned” from theDirtyArmy[dot].com. News to me that I “hacked the back-end,” or whatever. Why would I hack something that I was already a member of? See, the difference between the DA site and Facebook is that I don’t give two shits about fucking with the accounts of people I don’t know.

Hack Murphy, I would like to see how my IP was traced from your system. Was it my work IP or my home IP? Funny how my work IP isn’t blocked and I didn’t figure out I was banned until 9:30 pm EST on my home computer. Also, which browser was I using? That would explain a lot if you could guess correctly. You’re just spitting lame bullshit.

For anyone who believes that drivel, I have nothing else to say to you. Another thing, TOR is an excellent tool to hide your IP address.

See you later!


[edit: The lawyer who I spoke to has heard of thedirty[dot]com. This should be fun. I’ll give an update after I meet with him this afternoon. I have .pdf and .html text copies of the post, just to keep my bases covered. Call me crazy. Oh, wait…]

Courtney Stodden’s mom is cool with a Chris Hanson marriage

“We are totally supportive of this marriage. Doug is a wonderful man and we love him. They are very much in love and we are so supportive of this. Courtney was a virgin when she married Doug. She is a good Christian girl. She is a beautiful girl. She has real breasts, real lips, she’s not plastic.”

I don’t now why her mom decided to pose in a bikini like that, but she looks pretty good for an old bag. Oh, wait, that’s Courtney, my bad.

And has anyone seen the previews to that show Hawthorne on TNT? It looks so cool. Jada Pinkett Smith is such a great actress, that lunatic cult she’s in has brought out the best in her. I don’t know why I have zero fucking desire to watch it. There has to be something wrong with me.