The Graduate

kasey01 682x1024 The Graduate

That’s right, bitches, I’m done with community college (UTSA, same shit). $50 grand later, at a job I probably could have just gotten without a degree. Of course, it looks really good along with my resume (you should see this fucking thing, I made myself out to be a winner).

When I applied for this oil exploration job (controller), I pretty much assumed a degree was required, but I wasn’t done yet. So I put I had a 3.8 GPA (yeah, right). Remember my boss saying, “Wow, you’re really doing well in school.” And I was just chuckling inside. May as well have told him I was Batman, too.

Did you hear my Batman voice, B minus? Fucking A, I nailed it. For a bit I was trying to do the Bane voice, that’s hard to do.

The Perfect Body. By Me. But you already knew that

The real Michael Phelps 768x1024 The Perfect Body. By Me. But you already knew that

I’m like a damn dolphin in the water now. Check out how lean and refined I am. Speaking of water and exercise, is there an ocean in Tucson we can send Oz to? Preferably with a pair of cement shoes on? I’m really tempted to post his fat, sloppy body again, just so we can all get a good laugh. Don’t worry, I’ll X his chubby, chipmunk-cheeked face out, I mean, we wouldn’t want him to lose his job, would we? (as if there isn’t another Kinko’s he could transfer to)

Queen Bee and SPURS FAN, sitting in a tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G? Nope, the bitch married Goatee

QB and me 2 768x1024 Queen Bee and SPURS FAN, sitting in a tree, F U C K I N G? Nope, the bitch married Goatee

Rhymed!!! Boom! In any case, this didn’t work out too well. Goatee apparently got jealous I was there. I have to say, this was worse than when Bitchhog’s boyfriend Marvin the Martian (seriously, he looks like Marvin the Martian) went all run-on sentence on me.

Years ago, QB and Goatee broke up (no way) at some point, and she invited me to go out to Houston to visit her. Don’t remember the exact lingo used in the text/invite, but it was something along the lines of, “SPURS FAN, SPURS FAN! My pussy is hungry, and the only thing that is going to satisfy it is your cock!! Come feed it! LOL!! XOXOXXOXO. icon smile Queen Bee and SPURS FAN, sitting in a tree, F U C K I N G? Nope, the bitch married Goatee :)”

Sadly, I wasn’t able to make it, but it’s fun to play what-ifs.

Welcome back, really was a great experience, thanks again for all the comments. Site is going to be up a week, should be a good run, think this will be an annual thing.

All great things……………

question mark All great things...............

I’m not even sure I’d recommend watching these, but if you want to, don’t say you weren’t warned. Thanks again for a great 2 years, like I said, I believe two years is enough. Was able to interract with some cool people, and I really appreciate anyone who took the time to comment on the site.

Top 10 posts/categories

top10list Top 10 posts/categories

1. Skeets’ Hallween costume (most popular post)
2. CBT (that black CBT stuff is the best)
3. Pam
4. Drew (Afternoon Delight is great)
5. Rocket Queen
6. Fun with Craigslist
7. Thedirtyarmy (I logged in over there last night to see if I could crack one of them one more time, just wasn’t the same)
8. Merlin
9. Nik Richie
10. Lollipop video
10A. The first post of the site

No.1161-1164 (out of 1164 total posts). DG’s four posts.

If anyone has their favorite posts, feel free to share.

Six inches under. With Rocket Queen

rq Six inches under. With Rocket Queen

RQ: this is me and snickers. and did i ever tell you my hamster, Carlos died? I was genuinely crushed for months. I kissed him and made a grave for him…yes i kissed a dead hamster. one time i gave a pigeon cpr and it like exploded. it was weird. i love animals and they just love me. pics attached of carlos.

Son of a bitch, Carlos died? I was wondering why the flags were hanging at half mast at all the post offices the other day. Certainly looks like a proper burial, was your toilet backed up? As much as you love animals, I would have thought you would have bought him a tomb or something.

And that dog looks like he’s just thrilled to be in your company, Giraffe. You’re like the dog whisperer.

Brooklyn does Britney

CBB Brooklyn does Britney

Those are some VIP seats. Did your nose start bleeding? B minus dressed like she thought she was going to a Cyndi Lauper or Madonna concert. And at first I thought that was a guy she’s with, not so sure now.

Oh, and it looks like Brooklyn is Britney’s #1 fan, not you kinkyb!tch. I didn’t get any pics of your big night at the concert.

Oz, the ghetto gold medal winner

italian question mark Oz, the ghetto gold medal winner

Nice chain, slick. Was that some type of award for best filing or typing ability? And check out the background, people show up to a place dressed in a suit and tie, one of Oz’s baby’s momma traded enough food stamps to take him out to a fancy dinner (I guess Olive Garden was booked in Tucson), tells him to dress up, and he pulls a Mr. Rogers on the place.

Hey, if anyone recognizes that place, call the city and tell them if there were any burglaries of parking meters in that area on Sunday, you just need to know where to pick up your reward.